Does ddr3 work on acer aspire 5720 icl50 ?

does ddr3 ram work on acer aspire 5720 icl50 ?
i wana buy 2gb of ddr3 and i wana know of it can work on my laptop seeing its prety old.
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  1. No, the max speed and size are PC5300 (667 MHz) and 2GB
  2. I know this is an very old post. But I was just googling some stuff as I have acquired one of these laptops & figured I would try to put some life back into it & I have put in a 128GB SSD, 2x DDR2 sticks running windows 7 64bit & its working great!

    Looking into seeing what better CPU's it will take because if anything, this would be a nice neat laptop for general office stuff or web browsing, facebook & so on!

    I was going to test for windows 10 but didn't have time!
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