PC won't boot from disc drive

Hi all, don't really know if this is the right thread but I haven't found any solutions anywhere else. I recently received a motherboard with a faulty PCI. Slot. I sent it back and bought a new one (Asus p87zz v LX). Posted fine and when I tried to boot windows (and do a system repair) it didn't work. I then tried to boot straight from the DVD drive but when I interned the disc into the drive and it started to boot, I just got the blank screen with a flashing cursor in the top left corner. I thought my disc was faulty but I tried another one and the same thing happened. The disc drive keeps revving up and down but the screen just stays like that.

Does anyone know who to fix this? I can't use my PC until I can get the windows instal disc to boot as the windows on my SSd needs repairing due to the new mobo.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. Where did that windows DVD come from? If it's not the DVD drive then most likely it's the DVD.
  2. Hi thanks for your reply. I accidentally stumbled across the solution myself only moments after posting that question. Turns out my old mobo was set to IDE drive form as standard, where as my new one was at AHCI so it couldn't boot. Just changed it back and all is working fine now.
    Thanks a lot for your help anyway. Dodgy disc was the only other thing I could think of as well :)
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