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Hey i was wondering if it was possible to get surround for my turtlebeach x11's which are being used on my xbox through a sound card for a computer. I was thinking it could sort of work like the turtle beach dss, but idk cuz i've seen sound cards with two optical inputs so i figured install it and put the optical cable in the card from the xbox, and plug the turtle beaches to the sound card. idk just a thought that can save me some money any1 know let me know. thanks
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    you have to have the audio form the 360 go into the microphone port and make sure the microphone in not muted. there are guides online. It is also different depending on which OS you are running

    here you go

    Wouldn't it be better to use the line-in instead of the mic-in
  2. neither line in or mic in will give you surround though. You need a sound card capable of taking digital input.
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