Help Chosing PSU

hi guys

help me chosing which and what kind PSU i need


Mobo: Gigabyte GA-MA785GT-UD3H

CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE

RAM: 2GB onestick DDR3

HD's: HITACHI 82.3GB Hard Drive IDE (HDS728080PLAT20)

Maxtor STM3160215AS 160GB SATAII 7200RPM 2MB Cache

DVD 's : LG GCC-4482B 48x24x48 CD-RW/16x DVD-ROM IDE Drive

LG GH22NS30 DVD-RW X22 SATA SecurDisk

sound :Creative blaster 5.1

Fans: 2 system fans(connected only to PSU) +CPU fan +case fan(also connected to PSU)

plus: Front panel connectors

everything else is onboard (Graphics, Sound , Lan etc) so it must be taken in the calculate isnt?

ok so my curnnet PSU is :500w , idont really understand all the PSU stuff but i did a research

and its what called Generic PSU =Junk , i assume its not provide the required power

thats why my system isnt stable , and i want to overclock....

You can see my old thread :

so i need you to tell me how much my system need and suggest good PSU'S (silet is one is +)

*i do plan upgrade RAM + Change IDE HD to SATA, Change the IDE DVD to sata or remove , + External Video Card
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  1. Get a 450-500W max PSU from Silverstone or Antec for a reasonable cost.

    Using the Antec Power Supply calculator, your system (assuming overclocked to 3.8Ghz) uses 381W, so plenty of headroom .
  2. ok so my usage is 400W~

    if i upgarde like i mentioned + overclocking 500w would be enough?

    *in my mobo manual they recommand at least 500W or greater

    "its recommended that a power supply that can withstand high power consumption be used ( 500w or greater)"

    I just installed one of these in a similar rig and it runs beautiful and real quiet!

    And it's a good price , and great corsair quality!
  4. its integreted IGP Radeon HD 4200
  5. The Corsair VX 450 should be plenty for that build.. On a side note, get rid of that IDE hard drive..
  6. i calculated my system here:

    it says 300W-+

    i didnt check the controller , pci nic etc... cause its on the MOBO

    so its enough right?
  7. i do plan upgrade

    how much do i need than
  8. There's usually not much money to be saved with less than a 650 watter as newegg for example typically has specials on top quality ones like the EA-650 for as little as $50...also PSU's run at peak efficiancy at about 50% load so there's no downside to oversizing and it gives you room for upgrades.

    Unfortunately, with pent up demand for the new SB MoBos / CPU's resulting in lotta new builds, newegg has put the brakes on these deals atm
  9. guys can you tell which parameters , technoligies , capiblites , features.. a good modern time PSU needs
  10. from what i found is about effcienty ? modulary ? what can you add more

    to look on
  11. 12 volt capacity, efficiency, active PFC, voltage regulation, hum and noise, warranty. I regard modular cables as one of those "nice to have" secondary features.
  12. First comes need wherin you need to match the PSU as per your conponents requirement.. A 650W PSU (preferably) from a good brand is moRe than capable enough to handle any single GPU configuration.. Then comes the quality of the PSU which in most cases can be determined from The brand.. Efficiency helps determine power ouTput and bills.. Thus, higher the efficiency the bEtter it is.. Modularity helps somewhat with cable management.. However, if you may need as much cables as possible (4+ hard drives, couple of video cards, multiple optical drives etc.), you may as well go for a non modular unit which tend to be a little less in price compared to their modular counterparts..
  13. about the rails should i go single V12 rail or multiple ? if so than how much for single

    how much for the multiple?
  14. Frankly, it does not matter.. Its all good as long as it is from a reputed brand..
  15. Quote:
    In summary, buy power supplies where the maximum capacity is on the +12 V outputs and not on the +5 V/+ 3.3 V lines.

    Finally you will need to know how much power your PC will really consume before picking a power supply. There are several calculators on the internet that can help you out with this; we recommend this one.

    We also recommend you to choose a power supply that will be working between 40% and 60% of its maximum capacity. There are two reasons for that. First, efficiency, subject that we will explain next. Second, you will have headroom for future upgrades. So get the result obtained from the calculator and multiply it by 2. This is the power supply wattage we recommend you to buy (you will be surprised that most systems will require a power supply with less than 450 W, even with our adjustment).

    You didnt read everything did you?

    i summrize it i find articales , i learned about 80plus, peak, peak ,continous ,noise , generic

    now i understand i can go on 400w-450w (with adding future video card) but in the calculate sites i get much than i thought
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