PSU very loud (server as desktop system)

I want to use a server as a desktop system. The server uses a 460W dual-PSU, each PSU has 2 20mm fans which spin at the speed of light, producing incredible levels of noise. Can I change the PSU or make this PSU quiet in any way? I thought of taking it to an electronics repair shop and have them fit some 25 Ohm or lower/higher resistors on the fans to force them to quiet down but I'm concerned about the cooling of the PSU.
I don't think it's going to be pulling the same weight as it did when the server was firing on all cylinders so I'm guessing that overheating of the PSU shouldn't be an issue.
The current system specs are :

Motherboard Name Intel Vero Beach SE7505VB2 (has an AGP Pro 50 slot :D)
CPU Type 2x Intel Xeon, 2400 MHz (18 x 133)
2048 MB DDR ECC @ 266MHz (all four DIMM slots full)
2x80mm FANS
2x40GB IDE + 1xDVD-ROM

Considering it's only going to be running counter-strike and possibly a NFS game, a movie, some tabs, youtube, music and office applications I'm guessing the power requirements shouldn't bee too high so the PSU shouldn't overheat if I would reduce the speed of the fans, right? Even so, I will be mounting one or two 120mm fans above and below the psu to help with the cooling.

Anyway, that's my basic idea. Tell me what you thing, guys.
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  1. Wait.. 20mm? That's the size of the tip of my thumb?

    I would suggest just replacing the PSU. It's a power unit, so you don't really want to be letting it overheat or cutting holes in it to mount a larger fan.

    You can get a 500W PSU for like £30 ($50?) which isn't much for a quiet and brand new PSU.
  2. I'm sorry, I researched it a little bit and it turns out the fans are 40mm and the PSU is a EverGreen EVR-4607-00 which is here EVR-4607-00
    Will a normal PSU hold this system? The motherboard has a 8-pin connector besides the 24pin standard input. I've seen board with 4pins for the 12V line for the CPU but considering that the board si a dual-cpu the 8 pin connector should be normal. Is there any way to get an adapter for the other 4 pins? I'm guessing a normal PSU only has 4 pin connector so I need one moar.
    Turns out the form factor for the motherboard is SSI EEB. Never heard of such a thing but there's a first time for everything and a wikipediar for most things :D
    Images of the board are here :
    SSI EEB1
    SSI EEB2
    Thank you for your reply and I hope you can help me in the future
  3. My PSU has a 20+4 pin, a 4+4 pin and an 8pin connection which can all be used on the motherboard.

    Many PSU's might only come with a 24 and a 4 as you've described, but if you get a good quality one it should also come with an 8 pin so that's not a problem. Just look in the power supplies description what connections it's got before you buy.

    Strange form factor, but every is when it comes to servers.. and older servers at that!
  4. I looked over the motherboard pictures very carefully. I only see 24 and 8 pin power connectors.

    Any good PSU (Seasonic, Corsair, Antec, etc.) in the 500 - 600 watt size will do. Somewhat overspeced with a single large, thermostatically controlled fan, it will also be much quieter.
  5. A lot quieter, I hope. For the moment, I'll have to settle for a more...pennyless approach : take the 3pin connectors of the fans out of the PSU, then connect them to a 3pin to molex connector and reverse the wires so that the 12V and GND are 5V and GND and add one 120MM fan and two 80mm fans to help with the airflow. It's what the case came with so it's what I can work with right now. Hopefully, that will be enough to cool the PSU. Gonna do some tests with this to see if I can really do this. Wish me luck.
  6. That went down the drain really fast! Why didn't I think of just buying a fan controller... Ordered one last night for about 8$. Hope it does what it's supposed to do. Will post some pics of the end result if I can.
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