Heatsink that will fit on ASRock P67 Extreme 4 Gen3

Hi everyone. Last night I built my very own home build gaming PC for the first time. YAY! Everything went pretty smooth except for the heatsink. I applied the thermal paste to my CPU only to find out that my heatsink was too big to fit on my motherboard. I washed it off with isopropyl alcohol, washed the thermal paste off the factory heatsink that came with my i5 2500k processor and used the thermal compound I applied in the first place.

My question is... Does any of you know of a heatsink that will fit on the ASRock P67 Extreme 4 Gen3 Motherboard? Also I kinda care what it looks like and would like to stay away from any copper showing. Preferably a cool looking one but it doesn't absolutely have to look cool.

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  1. What heatsink did you remove? the stock one?
  2. Technically I didn't remove any heatsink. I tried to install the Zalman CNPS11x onto the mobo, but the triangular shape of the heatsink would not allow me to fit it onto the motherboard. A part of the motherboard which I think was a mobo heatsink was in the way.

    Currently I have the stock i5 2500k heatsink installed with the thermal compound that came with the Zalman.

    I even tried to have the Zalman positioned so it exhausts towards the top of the Case instead of the rear, but the mounting brackets will only allow it to be installed facing the rear or front of the case, in which case niether way will fit.


    I spoke with Newegg already. They granted me an RMA!!!
  3. Since I don't have that mobo, my suggestion is to keep looking for a nice looking heatsink that also performs well, but double check compatibility with your board before purchasing. I suppose you already tried every possible configuration for that CNPS11x (nice H/f)
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