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I have a Biostar MotherBoard , Amd X4, Kingston 8GB HyperX. Nvidia FX Quadro 580. 350gb and 1 Tb Hardisk (Internal). 1 tb and 2TB (External).
From the beginning I use to do photo editing. It use to work fine.

If I am browsing or doing some lite job it works fine. Recently It started Restarting when I do the Raw Photograph Editing. It happens in every software.(Lightroom, Photoshop, Capture NX)

I tried for BSOD but still it doesn't gives me a blue screen.

Kindly Help
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  1. What PSU are you using? It may not be up to the task.

    That sounds like the most likely problem.
  2. I agree with Wolygon. To add to that remember with psu's you can't get something from nothing power is power no power is no power. Find a psu that fits your requirments with that type of problem go with a psu that does not have a gold rating something more like silver. Some of the psu's out there claim they are energy saving when really they are just dead rails or rails that only operate with the very latest Mainboards out there. Just keep in mind you want your computer work firstly.
  3. 650 watt coolermaster
  4. Yes well your wattage should no doubt run your PC fine.

    However coolermaster is not known for there PSUs, it could easily be faulty.

    I recommend checking it before anything else. Just swap it out if possible and see if it solves it.
  5. machine restart if it detects bad hardware like ram, HDD or video card...lastly is bad PSU... try to check it..
  6. and to add to marbski lowering ram speed or stepping will more than likely correct most problems;Then lowing cpu speed stepping. Things like this require fans and or water to overclock with some mainboards your stepping setting could go back to original stepping from default yet still maintain the fsb and or qpi setting that has been manually set for a overclocking situation. So double check settings in bois before making any costly decisions!
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