My hard drive reads full windows 7

my hard drive says 3mb free of 453gb i only have music on here no games and i have pictures but thats all it was 43 percent full back in december 2012 now its full i dont know how or y can you help me ? anyone??? i've tried ccleaner doesnt free only a few gb's i downloaded foldersizes n that shows me its full i've ran disk opt from norton and disk cleanup and disk defrag still says 10 percent fragmented. i just dont know how it jumped from 43 percent to 99 percent with me doing nothing.
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  1. Where's yah get the music from ???
  2. i get it fro the libraryt cd collections i rip them from there i bounce library to library
  3. I suspect some sort of malware. Run an antivirus scan and see what happens.
  4. i run norton and it says everything is fine it didnt happen until i started syncing my iphone 4 i called apple n they said its impossible because the iphone is only 4gig
  5. Can you locate which folders are taking up so much space? Go to C:, right click each folder, click properties. Once you find the folder that is taking up so much space (I suspect Program Files), inspect the folders within it until you find the culprit.
  6. it says norton is all of it but I think thats normal rite?
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