How access phoenix advanced hidden bios menus

Hello, how access phoenix advanced hidden bios menus?
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  1. From the ashes it shall rise.
  2. use the mobo user manual for your bios settings
  3. This is a laptop (Hewlett-Packard) consumer model - no motherboard manual.
  4. give all details for model maker and number of it or an add any other clue that could hepl find details on maker support site on web
  5. Most of the big computer vendors gimp their bios so that you can't OC. They don't want to be responsible for the support calls that would occur if people were allowed to change certain setting in the bios. I recently bought a cheap HP computer for my son to do his homework on. It's the first computer I purchased in 10 years. I normally build my own. I was surprised at how gimped the bios was. My dell computer at work actually has more options available than the HP does.
  6. It's funny how I read over 100 of these "unlock hidden features" threads and not one person says anything of use.

    I know 100% for sure HP's is CTRL + F10 usually pressed in sequence and most of the time allow thermal and multiplier control.

    Dell is another story if anyone knows the button combo?
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