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check signal cable error message on my pc.wen i playing games the screen goes white and show check your signal cable,i check all cable ,reset video graphic card but nothing happen but wen i remove the graphic card and just simple open the pc is fine.i think i using a connector to cpu is a problem because my monitor is d-sub and have normal in my graphic card hdmi port i used a connector is a problem?
cpu intel core 2 duo e 4600 @ 2.40ghz/2gb ram
screen lg w1642s
graphic card nvidia 220gt 1 gb
can u plz help me....
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  1. disable your onboard graphic from BIOS and choose PCI...
    If your monitor has DVI output then use DVI from your card...
  2. i see in bios but there is an auto mode to use graphic card or onboard sharing.i think dis was OK can i hav another option. i hav ami bios and i hav palit n73 motherboard.i play games with gt 220 but after 10min screen goes white and check signal cable error show if i don't play games pc is i was very confused wat is the real problem bro ..........can u plz help me .....? ? ? ?
  3. New cable helped me.(Dont buy cheap one.)
  4. thanks for all supports....thnkxx bros
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