Best external hard drive for dell inspiron i6400?

Hi there :) question for ya. I was wondering if it mattered what kind of external hard drive I got for my laptop, and which would be best for the type of laptop I have? I want for a video game that takes up a lot of space :/ I'm pretty sure that I can install it onto the external drive, but not positive. Will it effect the way the game runs?? .. Any insight you're willing to share would be greatly appreciated :) !! (since clearly I don't know what I'm doing :p)
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  1. In my experience it is not optimal to run programs from an external drive, the data rates just aren't good enough for decent performance. I'm pretty sure if you tried to run a game from a USB drive it would be unbearably slow, but I've never tried lol. USB drives are more for storage and back up than actual running processes. That's my understanding anyway, I could be wrong :-) been known to happen lol
  2. Oh that sucks :P Well ok, thank you for your help :)
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