Need suggestions on aluminum cases and supplies..

need suggestions on cases and supplies..

I want a aluminum case because it is so cool inside and the heat transfer is said to be better and the weight is lighter.
my choice is Lian Li PC-A70F,any other idea?my cup is i7 2600k,and my graphics is gtx570(I will buy another for SLI later)
my choice for PSU is Cosair HX 850 ,which is 80+ silver,any other suggestion?I read Tom.s reviews on PSU and maybe I will change to Antec or Cooler Master Gold PSU................

any idea is welcome
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  1. That is a nice roomy case you selected. The Corsair PSU is a solid choice, if you want to save money on PSU then this XFX is a good buy
  2. dont rely on any psu reviews,they arent very good and they dont measure things right. is one of the best psureview sites out there. corsair is better than cooler master.
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