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I am glad to see a move towards actually explaining in neat little metaphors why people need security software, rather than just using technobable that no one understands to confuse people and convince them to buy your stuff. Towards the end they have a neat little statistic.

"Only 38 percent of computer users are willing to pay for antivirus protection, according to a 2009 survey by the market research firm Mintel."

Guess that means all those 90 day free trials of Norton don't work quite as well as they had hoped.

So here are my questions for you, do you use subscription based security software on your machines or do you pick a free version instead? If it comes with a free trial of a subscription service do you keep it or immediately replace it with your preferred service? And, do you think that explaining computer security in neat little metaphors, like the videos from Norton will help get more people to get some form of computer security, sadly i know several people who use none at all yet venture onto random websites.
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  1. With the quality of some of the free versions today there is no need to buy the protection for a normal home user. I have been using Avast for the past couple of years and been happy with it.
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