Trying to build a very low cost 64-bit pc


I am trying to put together a very low cost PC (mb, cpu, ram), that is at least dual core and all parts ordered from newegg. My requirements:

- 4GB ram
- must be able to handle windows 7 64-bit
- onboard video so I dont need a video card
- onboard sound
- 4 onboard sata ports
- good ratings for parts on newegg
- CHEAP! no more than $150

Here is what I came up with:

MB -

Can anyone put together a better performing trio and meet all my requirements for a cheaper price? Also, can anyone find any mistakes I made while matching part? (e.g. RAM wont work with MB or whatever)

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  1. For Intel, you've made some good choices. An Amd combo might be a couple of dollars cheaper, and I would use ddr3 with amd.
  2. Personally, I would rather go with an AMD system at this price. Here is what I came up with.

    RAM -
    CPU -
    MB -

    Just a suggestion!
    This CPU has twice the L2 cache, and the system uses DDR3 instead of DDR2 RAM.
  3. Well, I can show you an AMD system that is faster... but total is $152

    RAM - $39.99
    MB - $54.99
    CPU - $56.99

    That CPU will beat a Celeron, and it has better stock cooling. The AMD board also feature ATI graphics which are also better than Intel. Intel graphics have always sucked.
  4. +1 ., IF your going on a budget AMD is the way to go . You can also upgrade the CPU later , unlike intel where you most likely need a new MB as well .
    Still have a 4 year old old am2 board I can put an AM3 CPU on if I want , that is something you can't do with intel , great for budget builds
  5. If your budget was higher id suggest the amd athlon 2 640 quad core, just got it friday to upgrade from a pentium dual core the preformance diffrence is out of this world, and as jerry6 said amd is much more future proof, i have an amd2+ motherboard that supports all the newest cpus amd is good with that a simple bios upgrade and you support the newest cpus
  6. Yes. The boards are all AM3 and the CPU is AM3 type.

    You might be happier with this CPU though, and it is $10 cheaper.

    The X2 555 is a Black Edition. It is only 2 cores, but it is clocked 200MHz faster and has 6MB of L3 cache. Also the black edition can be overclocked in your BIOS or with software with a simple multiplier bump. You can safely clock it to 3.8GHz on the stock fan. And also, it is possible that some X2 555's can be unlocked to a 3 or 4 core... but don't expect it, it's like a 50/50 chance.
  7. I would only recommend the Athlon x4 you mentioned if you don't care a lot about single threaded performance. That is why I suggested the Phenom with higher clock and cache. But either of them will be much better than the Celeron from your original post! :D
  8. Or, for another $10 less you could get the middle ground in the x3 that MIGHT unlock to a x4

  9. Frys dallas ad has a zotac mini itx board for am2 or am3 up to 95 watts for $35 in today's ad. It uses ddr2. This board was only $15 after rebate on black friday in stores only. I've never used zotac; it's a low end supplier.
  10. On thing I can see better on the Phenom is you will have a L3 Cache of 6MB and you can overclock it without raising bus speeds or voltages. Hence if you ever want an easy over clock without stressing anything, Black Editions on any of them are a way to go!
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