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I was wondering if my motherboard on my HP Pavilion a6000n (Asustek M2N68-LA) is compatible with an AMD Phenom x4 9600 CPU. I remember somewhere it said it could be compatible up to the x4 9600(95w) but I cant find where it said that and I'm unsure whether it would be compatible. If it's not compatible, whats the next best quad core CPU that is?

EDIT: I found a modded BIOS:
Will this make the motherboard compatible with am3 CPUs and is it safe to use?

Also this link:
Someone mentions having a phenom II x4 95w on their board.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. No, your motherboard is not compatible with an AMD Phenom X4 9600 CPU.

    Here's the link to the CPUs that are compatible with your board:
  2. It says its supports up to 89w Athlon x2 5600+, but can I run the 89w model of the Athlon x2 6000+ (ADA6000IAA6CZ)?

    Here's the link to the processor I want to upgrade to:
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