ASUS P8P67 -- Which one?

Hello all, I'm having some trouble discerning the difference between these three ASUS P8P67 mobos. Which one's the best? Would the most expensive one provide a noticeable performance increase, mainly for gaming?

I'll be running 8GB RAM, two SLI 570's, an i5 2500k, a 1TB HDD (possibly add a Solid-State in the future), a 850w PSU, and everything else that matters. I would like to overclock easily and hopefully get something that's (relatively) future-proof and runs cool.

Which one's best?

EDIT: Or should I get something else? Preferably under $175, but I will go up to $200 if it will make a large difference.
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  1. P8P67 LE - doesn't do SLI

    P8P67-M PRO - is uATX Form Factor so it has poor PCIe x16 slot spacing when using SLI leading to poor graphics card cooling

    P8P67 PRO (REV 3.1) - full ATX Form Factor so it has proper PCIe x16 slot spacing when using SLI
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