Hubbys Birthday - need a budget build $400 please

My husbands birthday is coming up and i want to build him a computer. His current one is quite old. He likes to play starcraft II and world of warcraft.

Budget: $400 (not a lot to spend, times are tough)
Timeframe: as soon as possible so I can get it put together for him.
We are in the USA and I prefer the supplies to be from NEWEGG.

We have the OS (windows 7), keyboards, mice and monitors so all I need is a computer buld for this budget.

Thanks for your time
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  1. Do you know what his current configuration is.
  2. Find out what his current system has in it, the hard drive, optical drive, and case may be reusable which would save you a fair amount. Take a look at the "bargain" build options listed in this thread, its a good place for you to start.
  3. Hard Drive $54:

    Motherboard $79:

    Video Card $99 w$20 Mail in Rebate.

    Power Supply $44.99 w $20 mial in rebate.

    Memory $94

    CPU $75

    Total is $448.94 with $40 mail in rebates so $408.94 for a pretty decent gaming box. If you have Windows 7, the case and the keyboard/mouse you about can not do better.
  4. +1 to what the other two guys are saying

    Cases are about 50 depending, plus about 20 for a DVD, and harddrive depending is 50-100....

    So it gives us a "larger" budget for the stuff we need to get.

    The ATI radeon 6000 series just came out (TODAY!), I realized this probably doesn't mean much to you, so basically there will be a price drop in most ATI graphics cards, so if you can wait for that, then you can probably get a better setup....

    I was thinking 4850, with an i3, so she can upgrade the CPU eventually.... so that is 200$ here is the link for both and
  5. +1 to anorts build. about perfect for the budget.
  6. 400 wont be enough for a new build lady
  7. +1 anort's built. Could save a little bit more with this memory

    Mushkin Enhanced Black: 89.99 +15 MIR (74.99) Timings are a little looser however, still good memory.
  8. reaper2794 said:
    400 wont be enough for a new build lady

    She is asking for advise not offensive comments.
  9. d1rtyju1c3 said:
    She is asking for advise not offensive comments.

    Agreed.... XD
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