Hard drive returning "e:\ is not accessible. Access is denied"

Hi all - I used to have this as an internal drive but it stopped working last week. I replaced it and bought an external enclosure to try work on it and recover the data on it.

I've tried on 2 computers as an internal and external drive and get the same thing. When I plug the drive in and turn it on the computer (Win 7 and Win 8 machines) finds it perfectly (it appears as a new hard drive in 'My COmputer'). The only thing is it shows the size and space remaning on the other drive in the computer but for that one it only says NTFS.

When I try to access that drive I get a popup box that says

Location not available:
e:\ is not accessible. Access is denied

I don't have any idea on where to even start with this so if someone could point me in the right direction I'd sure appreciate it.
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  1. Any suggestions?
  2. I eventually resolved this problem for myself when I have a problem with making a backup and repeatedly got the error "access denied".
    I went into "services" and changed the "Shadow copy" and "backup" services from manual to automatic.
    I then ran the backup again it seems to work perfectly now.

    I hope it works you as well
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