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Hi, I just built my first system using a Lian Li PC-7FN, the ASUS M4A77TD, and the AMD 1055T Phenom II X6. I assembled the computer per all the instruction manuals (as well as some online guides) and when I hit the power button the case LED and the fans all come on for a second, turn off, turn on for a second, turn off, etc. Any idea what I did wrong? Does this sound like component problems or installation problems?

I was unsure about how to tell which way the LED, power button, and reset button plugged in to the motherboard. Each has one white cable and one colored cable. On the underside of the cable there is a "G" near the colored cable and an upwards pointing arrow near the white cable, so I assume this means colored is ground?
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    Go through our troubleshooting guide, specifically check to make sure you plugged in the CPU power connector.
  2. ^ Also download the newer driver for 6 core support. I have the exact motherboard, version 2104 I believe the Bios is.
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  4. Thanks to both of you. Very useful and I'll be sure to download the newer driver ASAP. I did have the CPU power connector in but I was missing the graphics card power connector (thought PCI express x16 would take care of that cause I wasn't thinking and no documentation mentioned it) and I needed to reseat the RAM and 24-pin power cable.

    Thanks for giving me the final push to get my first system built :)
  5. Good Luck.
  6. ahumphers91 said:
    Good Luck.

    No luck needed at this point. Ubuntu is installed and memtest is almost done running :)
  7. Good stuff!
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