Gaming PC, Price not a concern, need builds.

Hey guys. I actually just bought the parts for a PC I'm going to build and it cost me around 1 grand total. Anyhow, a really good friend of mine decided that since I'm getting a new gaming PC, he wants one as well. The thing with him is that he literally has NO idea on how to choose his parts or even build a computer.

He just called me and asked me to build him a Gaming PC that will be amazing now, and still be great in 2 years. I asked him for his budget and he said anything. I told him for casual gaming just buy a $1500 PC and it'll be good enough but he insists on going big.

So basically what we agreed upon was finding him three different builds. One for around $2,000, one for around $3,000, and the last for around $4,000.

So if anyone would share their thoughts on an amazing gaming PC and give thoughts as to why they would pick those pieces I'd appreciate it. Sadly my friend wants me to pick and choose with his money but even I don't know that much in regards to top of the line stuff. Sure I can pick the most expensive stuff and tell him here's your PC but I'd rather get honest opinions and such.

Here's a template that you can use or you can just link me a custom build one from any site.

Thanks so much!







DVD Drive:

Cooler Master:

Graphics card:


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