I7 950 vs i5 2500

I'm considering to get a new system,and I had decided on i7 950 before the Sandy Bridge release.So I wanted to ask:

Which would perform better in gaming?
i7 950 with Asus Sabertooth X58
i5 2500 with P8P67 Pro?

I don't plan overclocking.I may go SLI but not in the first build.I prefer not to get an additional HeatSink (intending to use the default one)
Is the 2500 (NOT 2500K) better despite being i5,or would you go with i7?

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  1. Check the benchmarks for yourself. The 2500/2500K are identical without overclocking.

    The i7 2600 destroys the i7 950 even more.

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