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Having problems with my new GPU, please help I've tried everything! :(

When I play Dawn of War 2, sometimes I get an error message saying a display adapter has stopped working and recovered. When this happens my screen gloes back for a few seconds and then comes back and I can continue to play normally. It is very annoying and has been plaguing ever since I bought my new GTX 460. I have a 600w PSU so the card has enough power. I have been monitoring the temperature of my CPU and GPU, neither are overheating. I originally was having the problem on Windows Vista 32-bit and I thought if I upgraded to Windows 7 64-bit the problem would go away. I was wrong, even after changing OS I still have the problem. It only occurs when I play Dawn of War II. Other games I play include Star Craft II, Bad Company 2, and Killing Floor. The problem does not occur when I play these games. I play all of them on maxed out settings.

Any ideas on why this only happens during Dawn of War II? I made a thread on the forums for that game and a developer told me my card is defective and I need to replace it. If it is defective then why can I play all these other games without problems? Should I take his advice and replace my card and PSU? I ordered from Newegg so it will be a hassle shipping it back and waiting for a new card. I am so desperate here, I have wasted so much time trying to solve this problem and to no avail. Someone please help me.

System specs are:

Dell XPS 420
GTX 460
Windows 7 64-bit
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  1. It may be defective, but I'd say its probably a fault within the dawn of war 2 game that needs to be patched.

    Make sure it's drivers are up to date and maybe update your motherboards BIO's too.

    If that doesn't solve anything try RMA it, if the new one comes back and doesn't have the same problems it was obviously the card, however if it comes back and still has the same problems it's the game for sure.
  2. I have the latest drivers for the GTX 460, and all my other drivers are what Windows 7 automatically downloaded for me. I think they are pretty up to date. The developer who responded to me on their forums told me it wasn't a problem in the game since no one else is reporting problems except me and one other person who also has a GTX 460. He replaced his GTX 460 and said the game is still crashing on him. The developer still maintained that it was a hardware problem and not a fault with Dawn of War. The user who was also suffering the same problem of me mentioned that he stress tested his Memory, GPU, and CPU and no faults were found. :(
  3. Don't use Windows 7 drives, download the OFFICIAL drivers from Nvidia itself.
    Its possible the GTX 460 just doesn't play nice with DoW2.

    Did you post this? This guy has the SAME problem it sounds like.
  4. No I didn't post that. I do have the official Nvidia drivers. The current and ONLY official drivers for the GTX 460 are 258.96. I want to believe it is a problem with DOW 2 and the GTX 460 not having issues with each other, rather then the GTX 460 being defective, but thie developer from Relic insists that is not the case. I am starting to think he is wrong now that you just found out a third person is also having the issue. I really don't want to RMA my card and have to wait at least a week to get it back only to be having the same exact issue. :(
  5. Is an RMA my only option here?
  6. Try some other games.
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    If its only happening in DOW2, do no RMA it, there is no point.
    You could try the unreleased beta drivers and see if they work.
  8. Those drivers fixed my problem, thank you.
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