Have enough power for a 460 SLI upgrade?

Hey guys,

I recently upgraded from a P45 mobo, a Q6600 that ran at 3.4 and 4GB of mem.
At this moment my setup is:

2500k @ 4.7
Asus P8P67 Pro
Corsair XMS3 2x4GB
Corsair H50
EVGA GTX 260 (oc'd)
Coolermaster Silent Pro 700w

Now as far as i can see, 700w is enough for this setup.
But i am wondering if i could get in to some problems if i replace the 260 with 2x460 1GB
My PSU has 2x6+2 pin and not 4. I have an Antec902 so pretty much running 6 fans right now (5 on a controller) so i got about 3-4 5 pin molex left.

The PSU rated at 700w has a 50 amp 12v rail. a 460 needs 24 (evga's specs)
Would that mean i have only 2 amps left on the 12v rail on full load?
And, will i be able to overclock them well, or will i need more power?

I wanna get this right because if i will replace my PSU i would go for a 1000w one and those are pretty costy if u want quality.
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  1. I wanted to know for sure and i was a a bit confused.
    Now im gonna need to decide if i take 460 in SLI or a 570 and be future proof.
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