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Hi guyz......first of really very very sorry if i posted in the wrong section :).....BTW, i really need your help a very confused about buying a ps3 xbox 360 or upgrading my pc with a new ram and a graphics card.......MY PC SPECS:Intel Pentium D 925 @ 3.0 Ghz.......and i have a philips lcd monitor 19''....and it's max resolution is 1280x1024.....i also have a 46'' sony bravia hd tv with hdmi for xbox 360 or ps3 budget is 300.00 $.............from which i can buy a xbox 360..ps3 or upgrade my pc by putting an ATI RADEON HD 5770 and 2x2GB ram [800 MHZ/DDR2]...NOTE:my old motherboard only has ddr2 and can only support up to 4GB of now guyz tell me......what should i do....i think that my dual core would not let me play games at higher fps......but i want to get decent fps.......also tell me that if i buy a console..which one is 360 or ps3....and it would be gud if you can tell me the watts of my psu....i found this information on its sticker.....AC INPUT...voltage 220v...current 3A/5A..........frequency...50-60Hz
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  1. english is very bad :(
    PS:I'm a newbie at tomshardware forum !
  2. If you like playing online, the 360...

    If you do not play online that much, the ps3...

    If you like playing alot of RTS games, PC all the way!

    I own all three and play games on the 360 more then my pc or ps3, but watch alot of movies on my ps3.
  3. hmmmm......ty bro.......but what about the other things i mentioned ?
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    360 tends to be a safe investment for gaming for a number of reasons: First it is cheap compared to a ps3 and upgrading a PC, 2nd the next generation consoles have not even been announced yet, Online community is big and established, 3rd lots of games.

    the biggest pro on console gaming is buying used games and renting games.

    The only knock i have on Xbox is it did not pick Blu Ray a number of years ago.
  5. Xbox 360 gets my vote as well, especially on a budget. For a little bit higher budget (500-600) I'd say PC. PS3 doesn't have enough games I like, to warrant me buying it. I'll probably get it in a few years when its dirt cheap to play the 5 exclusives I want.
  6. ps3 has more exclusive games upcoming, free online and blu-ray movies. pc has modding support (worth it alone imo), mouse and keyboard controls, blu-ray movies (if you buy the drive) and free online (unless u play wow). xbox 360 has a good online system, big library of games and multi-format games usually lead on the 360.
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