Dell inspiron 530s upgrades

I received a Dell Inspiron 530s from my neighbor, he said if I could fix it, it would be mine. I asked him what the problem was, he said that his monitor blew and then he replaced the monitor but that blew as well. Any ideas as to what could have led to this problem?

Specs: Foxconn G33M02 motherboard
ATI Radeon HD4200
Intel Core 2 Duo
Bestec TFX0250D5W
Vista Ultimate
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  1. I very much doubt it's the PC, Just a bad run of monitors. I'd advise you do a clean install of the OS and update all that needs to be(BIOS, Graphics BD/DVD/CD-rom drivers)

    If you get a new monitor and then THAT blows up... maybe a faulty graphics card? power somehow getting transferred to the VGA/HDMI/VGA output?
  2. Maybe there are voltage spikes in his house, I've seen wierder things happen.

    Are you asking to help him, or asking out of curiosity?
  3. I think he's asking so he can keep the computer and just fix whatevers needed (I.E a monitor)
  4. Oh I thought he was saying if he could fix the monitor he could keep the monitor, not the guys whole system, my bad.

    Oh yeah, I re-read it makes sense. :heink:
  5. wish you were him weren't you, even if you didn't use the system youself you could give it away to family or sell it :)
  6. I will do what decode advised. I should mention thou, that my neighbor took it to a pc technician and the guy said that it would cost too much money to fix it.I have a feeling the guy at Best Buy may have wanted him to buy a new comp. Thank you all for posting on this thread, I appreciate all the help.
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