AMD X4 940 black edition ~3GHz Heat question

So i was playing bioshock 2 when i start feeling a ridiculous amount of head, so i popped open AMD over drive to see what the hell was up and i showed my CPU burning up at a hellish 113.4 C ?!?!! is there anyway it could be wrong. wasn't experiencing a slowdown of any kind. is this normal? should i be worried?
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  1. Hello, ans welcome to THG.

    First off, try not to swear on purpose. it is not appropriate. Mod's rules.

    Second, If you are experiencing overheating problems, I would check your computer and see if you have overclocked at all. if the voltage is above 1.35 V and you have overclocked, that may be one part. The other is bad thermal paste/poor cooling from the heatsink/ improper seating of the heatsink. I would try to get new thermal paste. Then, if that does not work, get a new heatsink. They are not very expensive.

  2. 1. 113.4 centigrade is crazy! You need to try some new thermal grease or perhaps a new fansink.

    2. If you yourself actually began to feel heat, then it's probably not a faulty sensor, try to check on more than the one sensing application.

    3. Yes you should be worried, this is bad. How long have you had the CPU.

    4. Check that no damage has been done to the socket or motherboard, as last resort then try to get a replacement if still under warranty.
  3. dogman_1234 said:
    First off, try not to swear on purpose. it is not appropriate. Mod's rules.

    He didn't swear?
  4. i've had it going on 2 years now i beleave, and no the stock voltage is still in place.
    it doesn't make any sense why it would be doing this ive never had any trouble in anything else ever and it's already back down to 53 C
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    Like Omni and I have said...either bad thermal paste or a bad heatsink...or BOTH.

    Hey this stuff happens.
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  7. As a sidenote, dont trust overdrivels temp readings,
    D.l some other temp monitoring software.
  8. The per-core temperature reading is off on the 940 as it's been screwed up since Brisbane CPUs and they didn't fix the thermal diode till the 965 C2 and all C3 CPUs. Anyway, use everest or something to check the thermal diode on your motherboard. Most of them have a sensor on the socket that would give you a better estimate as far as the temp. I would re-apply the thermal paste and reseat the heatsink though.
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