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Ive recently installed a wd velociraptor WD5000BHTZ. My mother board is a GA-H67A-UD3H-B3.
Now basically my question is , do i need to do anything else in order for the HDD to run at full capacity ? I do have a sata 3 cable (6gb) aswell.

Basically everything is running smoothly but according to Windows Experience Index it still rates my hdd as a 5.9 which was the same rating my old drive got. So im not sure if perhaps i need to get sata 3 drivers ( if there is such a thing??)

Also my current bios version is very old, F1 to be exact so bk from 2011 i think. Should i update that? does that impact my drives performance at all?

any input on this is greatly appreciated ty :)
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  1. Windows rates all mechanical drives as 5.9. You need to use an SSD if you want a 6 or higher. Which is dumb. That's why most of us just flat ignore WEI.
  2. thx for the quick reply!!

    kk then i shall ignore that from now on! Any thoughts on wheter i should actually update my bios? Does it affect hdd performance at all? or should i just * not fix it , if its not broken* kind of thing?
  3. also ( im not allowed to edit my message for some reason , sorry ) are there any settings in bios that i should change ? old hdd was Western Digital WD1002FAEX Caviar Black
  4. You'd have to read the bios updates to see what changes they made. Consider you can brick the motherboard I don't tend to update them unless they give me some added functionality.

    Only change to make is to make sure its in ACHI mode and not IDE. But even this doesn't matter too much.
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