HD 5770 to the price of a HD 5750!?

I recently bought a XTX HD 5750 512MB for 113£ and now i see on their website they have a ASUS HD 5770 card for the SAME price.
So i've decided to go back to the store and change my XFX HD 5750 to the ASUS HD 5770. BUT i'm a little skeptic to why its the same price as the 5750.

Here is the full model name;
Asus EAH5770 EAH5770/2DI/512MD5 ATI Radeon HD5770

Can any one tell me if this card is in any way shape or form not worth the switch? Is there some thing i ought to know about this exact model?

Any feedbad appriciated.
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  1. Maybe the just got a discount?

    I've heard nothing bad about any Asus shipments etc...
  2. Maybe it just went on sale or something, I wouldn't look that much into it. ASUS makes great cards.
  3. Normally the 5750 prices aren't far with 5770 prices, it could be they got a discount or some kind like that...
    Don't worry about that, ASUS make a good cards... :)
  4. Thanks. I will be going to the store today and get more bang for my buck :)
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