Multiple Microphone Inputs?

Hi there ladies and gentlemen. I'm in a bit of a rut.

My friend and I enjoy making YouTube videos of us reviewing movies, talking about them while we watch them. We do this usually by using the other computer in the room, getting on Teamspeak and recording using Fraps.

But now the other computer is literally fried, some stupid overclocking lead to a complete system meltdown, but anyway. We need to plug two Turtle Beach x11's into the same microphone port.

We have 2 3.5mm splitters, so we're splitting the audio, but we tried the same with the microphones, but no luck.

Is this even supported by Windows 7? Can we do this? If so, how? I may have an extra sound card laying around, but I doubt it's still operational. So I'd like to leave that as a very last resort.

Anywawy, thanks for the replies,

Admin, please move this to the appropriate thread, for the life of me, I couldn't decide where this belonged.
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  1. depending on your recording software you may be able to only select 1 sound imput. meaning you will not be able to use a 2nd sound card or USB Mic.

    im supprised the 3.5mm splitter wont work. Have you tried asking at your local eletronics shop? they may have an idea if a diff adapter will work.
  2. The splitter only works for one mic, it's very odd. But I will probably head over to the local electronics store, and we'll see.

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