Sabertooth 990fx help, ram incompatibility?

I just built a new computer and it will not boot up. The CPU LED is on and is solid red. When I push the Mem Ok button it flashes and never stops flashing red. After looking through my manual it appears that my RAM is not listed as being compatible with the motherboard. Would this cause the CPU LED to be red?

My build is as follows:

Sabertooth 990fx AM3+
AMD Phenom II 995 Black 3.20 GHz True Quad Core
Patrior Sector 5 Ram 2 x 4gb PGV38G1333 ELK
ASUS HD 6670 1gb GDDR5
PSU Raidmax ATX12V power 450 watt
Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm 16mb cache SATA 3.0gb/s

I will be returning the RAM tomorrow (was told it was compatible at fry's when I bought the setup, but according to the manual it is not). I just want to make sure that the CPU LED light being on doesn't indicated another problem.
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  1. This RAM appears to be Intel specific according to the product info. You should either contact Patriot Tech Support or return it and purchase RAM approved for use with AMD CPUs. Not all RAM runs on both Intel and AMD platforms - though it should...
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