Is it worth the extra money?

im buying a new pc and i was thinking to get a xfx hd 5670 but most people tell me to get the hd 5750 ...¿¿is it worth the extra money??
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  1. Do you plan on playing games on your new pc? what resolution will you be using on your new machine?
  2. If you want to play games,then yes its definitely worth the extra money.
  3. yes im planning to play games... i dont have any idea of what resolution ill be using ...the highest possible with good fps i guess
  4. Since you are playing games it will be worth the extra cost.
  5. It would be better if you could tell us your complete system specs and the resolution in which you game. Maybe we can suggest a better card.
  6. this is my NEW system specs

    AMD M4A785TD-V EVO A/L/V mother board
    CPU Athlon II X3 440 3.0 GHz
    DDR3 2Gb 1333MHz PC3-10600 Kingston
    Sata2 250Gb 7200 rpm Seagate

    the resolution in which i play games is 1024 since i have an ati radeon a9600 pro directx 9 in my OLD athlon 64 3000+ 2ghz and 1.5gb ram so its not a good comparison to what resolutions ill be playing with my NEW system

    again i was thinking to buy a xfx hd5670 with my new system but people keep telling me to buy a sapphire hd5750 for 26 more dollars

    is it worth the extra money?
  7. The resolution you game at is dependent on the monitor. If your monitor cannot display higher that 1024x768 (or 1280x1024), then that is the highest resolution you can game at. If this is the case, then the HD5750 would not be worth the extra $26.

    However, if you intend to replace the monitor in the near future or the monitor can display higher than 1280x1024, then you should pay the extra $26 for the HD5750.

    -Wolf sends
  8. ok thanks... the monitor is not a problem since ill be playing with a 32" hd lcd so i guess ill go for the 5750

    now i have a new question there is the sapphire hd5750

    and the xfx 5750

    4 dollars difference so which one of those 2 should i get and why?
  9. Go with the cheaper one, i don't see any difference between them
  10. Agree with Maziar. If there's no difference between the two, go with the cheaper one. Both XFX and Sapphire are reputable companies, IMO, so save the four dollars.

    -Wolf sends
  11. Id suggest another 2GB of RAM actually, 2GB would be a little too small for you today with the other specs.

    See if you can find a cheaper Mobo.
  12. no cooler looks to be better than the other?
  13. What do you mean ? both have fans.
  14. The cooler designs on those two cards are almost identical, and both will likely be quite sufficient. Both appear to blow air 360-degrees, rather than attempt to channel it in any particular direction(s).
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