1gb HD 4870?

I have a 22" monitor, so would it be better to go with a 1gb or 512mb? It seems that the 512mbs cost more money, but I'm guessing it because they come with better heatsinks than the links below.

This is what I am looking at so far. Want to stay around $100-$150.


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  1. Already bought that card?
    If not, then this one is good:
  2. Yeah, forget about the HD4870 and get an HD5770. No particularly good deals at the moment but they can be found in your budget if you just keep an eye on prices.
  3. Awesome thx a lot for the replys!

    Looks like I'll be going with a 5770 then :D.

    Appreciate the links and help!
  4. Yes.
    If u want a good VGA buy 5770 and save money by buying a cheaper PSU and less power uses. but if u can pay more buy a 5830 with 1120 stream processor.
    remember 5770 need 1 PCIE power - 4870 and 5830 need 2 PCIE power connector.
    5xxx series is more efficient.
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