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I7 920 Warranty

Can anyone confirm that if I brought an i7 920 for example that was originally sold in the US and needed to make a warranty claim it would still be covered even though I am living in the UK?

I am thinking there may be a region issue like the WD drives, if they are sold in the US for example and you try to claim from the UK site they aren't covered.

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  1. Request an rma from Intel using your address or email them. If you are buying off ebay or a third party, then you may be out of luck. I used their retail boxed warranty years ago in the usa, and they replaced my p4 in about six days cross shipping.
  2. I haven't brought anything yet, its eBay but was originally brought from the US.

    Want to be sure the warranty would apply if I needed to claim or would they say out of Region?
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    sorry I can't help you on that. I've bought used cpus without problems, but you never know. I would email Intel before purchasing off ebay to be sure. Only retail boxed cpus have Intel's three year warranty; they won't replace oem cpus. The original seller would have to do that.
  4. No. I build my own, often using retail boxed cpus from Intel or Amd. Both have three year warranties if you purchase them new in the usa. I wouldn't pay extra for a service plan because I've spent twenty years building; I rarely have to use warranty. I handle boards carefully. I was taught by dell manufacturing how to handle boards, cpus, and ram using esd straps to prevent damage caused by electrostatic discharge from the skin. It's rare, but it happens ocassionally. I've worked at dell on three separate ocassions in the last 7 years.
  5. Yeah its a boxed unit with all the extras not oem just wondering if you take it out of its country of sale it brings its warranty with it. I've emailed Intel.

    Service plan, its not a car. (Yes I am jokin because I don't know what you are on about. :sarcastic: )
  6. aaaaaah I see, no.
  7. I haven't brought anything yet and its still covered by Intel as long as the warranty applies.

    I'm holding off buying until I am sure Intel will cover it should I need it.
  8. Diggle have you been drinking. :lol:

    I haven't brought anything yet and I want to know if I buy a cpu that was originally brought in the US off of eBay would the 3 year Intel warranty still apply if I was RMA ing from a different country i.e. the UK.
  9. No worries, depends how much it is.

    Have to take a look.
  10. Warranties are usually void outside of the country products were originally purchased in.
  11. For your info.

    Had a email back from Intel and if you have the original receipt and it is in your name the warranty will stand wherever you are.

    Therefore if I brought it from ebay and had the original receipt I still wouldn't be covered as it wouldn't be in my name.

    So it seems we have all learnt a little something today. :D
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