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I have been looking at a mobo:
its memory standard is 1333/1066
the RAM I was looking to get :
is 1600 MHz

Is this an issue? or will they work together
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    It will work fine, but you will need to set your memory speeds and timings manually. What the 1800(OC)/1333/1066 means is that it will support 1333MHz or 1066MHz memory out of the box with no adjustment and will just set it to the SPD settings, but if you want higher speeds you can OC your memory up to 1800MHz, 1600MHz is less than 1800MHz so it will let you set them to that.
  2. What does it take to set the speed manually?
  3. I'm not necessarily comfortable with over clocking at this point. I might do so in the future. For right now though, would the 1600 MHz memory conflict with the out of box configuration for 1333 MHz?
  4. The 1600MHz memory would work fine if set at 1333MHz, rarely will hardware have an issue if its being run slower than its designed for, its only when you start making it try to run faster that you can run into stability issues.
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