Help computer locks up randomly or BSOD

i jsut recently built my first pc. which includes

m3a770de asrock am3 motherboard

720be 2.8ghz triple core am3

2x2 hp generic ram i stole from my old computer its ddr3 1066

TX750w Power Supply Corsair

haf 932

radeon x600 <-- waiting for gtx 470

212+ cooler

so the problems i have been having are my computer will randomly lock up or bsod. now its freezes during windows and linux so i doubt it is a driver issue. i have tried a diffrent power supply and it still freezes so i have eliminated that. i have used memtest 86+ and it completed perfectly so i have also eliminated that problem, my temp. are at 30c so i highly doubt its due to that so now im at a real lose the only thing i could think of was rmaing the motherboard which i will send tomorrow unless the problem is resolved by then. so if anyone could please give me some advice on what to do i am completly lost i have tried everything i could think of.

thank you for you help in advance
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  1. plz someone?
  2. Have you attempted to update the MOBO drivers and the BIOS as well? Perhaps it needs updating to handle the hardware. Or it could be that the GPU is doing it. If there is onboard graphics, remove the GPU and see if it still locks up and such.
  3. Thank you I will update the bios and test it . But no I do not have a onboard card nor a diffrent card. I will reply with my results what i'm confused is why would it boot I it's the board
  4. so i tested my video card in my old system and it ran flawlessly so im really unsure it's that. i am in the process of updating my bios for the motherboard. any other ideas>?
  5. updated the bios and still no luck... completly lost.. the only things i can think of are the ram is messed. even though it passed memtest86+ without a single error. or the video card just keeps messing up in this pc.. even though it works in my older one... or its the motherboard its self ..
  6. The memory standard for that MoBo is DDR3 1600. I am thinking that you might have to upgrade the ram or if you have the option to change the speed of your RAM in BIOS.

    Also if your getting locked up during the install process of your OS you could have a bad HD or corrupt partition.
    Have you done a full reformat to that disk?

    Hope this helps
    - Nem
  7. Also Linux has a different partition system than windows and if it is not removed properly will not allow windows to install.

    I doubt the video card has anything to do with your PC freezing up. Even more sure of that fact since you said you have updated the bios on your mobo. (should run with default drivers)

    If the MoBo was broken you should be getting absolutely nothing or beep codes. the fact that its start to install something, you can get into your bios is a good sign that your MoBo is in working order.

    My money is still on the RAM or HD. Start with the HD since it can be checked without buying anything.


    (EDIT: added more stuff)
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