What's the benefit of new generation CPUs to me???

Hey all,

I spent weeks researching the prices and components for my new PC, I mean I put a lot of work into choosing every part and would obviously come across people or articles about the upcoming new CPUs from Intel and I figured why would I wait, I waited forever. But eventually CPUs came and now I can't help wondering if my new PC will be obsolete in a short while.
I'm building it using i7-870 and P7P55D-E EVO mobo with 8 gigs of ram and hd5670 graphics. I'm not a gamer nor am I an encoder, graphics designer or any of those CPU/GPU intensive things. I am an average user that wants future proof a little bit seeing as prices are lower and it's a huge jump for me. Because my current PC is an AMD Athlon 64 3500+ with 2 GB of ram and windows xp pro sp2. No graphics cards, it was sort of in the motherboard when i bought the barebone.

My new PC might be used for occasional gaming, but not further than that. So I was wondering if the new generation of CPUs will outperform my future PC for my use and will I have to now start all over with searching the whole internet for prices, parts and read reviews and forums again?

Would appreciate your help here.
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  1. If you have a I7 870 system hang on but if you have not then going with I5 2500 or 2500K on a Asus P8P67 (any version) with your selected HD5670 would be a better build today.
  2. To answer your original question, if you are not a hardcore gamer, pc enthusiast, or high end professional, then you do not need to be too concerned about future proofing. Ordinary everyday use does not require the latest high performance components.

    My personal pc is an Intel Core i7 860 based system that I built 13 months ago. It is for professional use. I use it for photo and video editing. I would not have built that system for ordinary everyday use.

    rolli59 made an excellent suggestion. The Intel i5 2500 is a brand new cpu and technical reviews indicate it is very good. It costs about $70.00 less than the Intel Core i7 870. It is supposed to be an excellent value and should be around for a few years.
  3. I agree with Johnny and rolli, (I have the same 860 cpu as Johnny, bought just last November at the end of the run with Sandy Bridge on the horizon, rather than at the beginning, which is when I get all my gear) that your pc is likely able to do all that you want it to do...and more...you needn't be concerned...well, since I'm not (with my 860), why should you?
  4. If you go with i7-870, you are buying a socket that will die in the near future. The Sandybridge CPUs mentioned above should be more future-proof. They have a new socket 1155 and it should last you longer since the 1156 will go away. That being said, you will also save money on the Sandybridge setup and could upgrade to a higher end CPU in a few years... the 1156 might not be offerering any new CPUs any time soon. Just keep that in mind.

    Everything else you will buy to accompany it will not be going out of date, like DDR3 RAM, or SATA2 or 3 HDs.
  5. If you haven't bought your parts yet, consider this another vote for the proposed Sandy Bridge platform. The rest of your research wouldn't go to waste... everything except the cpu/mobo would be interchangeable. The i5-2500 is a great processor for the price. The i7-2600 option has hyperthreading for roughly $100 more.

    Any modern system with mid to high end parts will keep you where you want to be for over 3 years I'd say... by the time you'd think about upgrading... you'd be completely replacing your core components (case, supply, and drives would be fine)... so I wouldn't be too future-proof concerned.
  6. I thought OP already bought the CPU and stuff....which is why he was worried...

    All those favoring Sandy Bridge are right but a bit late to the dance...

    True, you can't upgrade the cpu, but you can always put in more Ram and a better video card if you need to (and a 2nd hard drive that is always recommended)
    ....don't worry, you'll enjoy the pc just fine as it is...sleep well...
  7. Oh... the OP *did* already have the stuff... What you have is a great system and will be for a good amount of time.
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