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Suggestion on RAID configuration

January 31, 2013 3:20:58 AM

We are going to setup a storage solution for our security surveillance software. We are going to buy servers from and we would like to deploy RAID configuration using the following combination:
RAID CARD = MegaRAID SAS 9260-4i
HARD DISKS = 4 X 3TB, Seagate Constellation ES.2 ST33000650NS
We have two different requirements for two different servers (same hardware)
A. Write jpeg image files ranging from 30KB to 100KB at a speed of 100 files per second. At the same time we also deleting the old imagery at the same speed.
B. Write 40MB video files 1MB/sec to 3MB/sec and we divide this throughput into 100 files at a time. At the same time we also deleting the old imagery at the same speed.
In the past we have been observing disk performance issues on RAID 5 with different hardware. I would request you to give us advice on:
1. Appropriate RAID configuration(s) that suits our two requirements separately.
2. What possible I/O thought we can get on your suggested configuration.
3. Send us I/O benchmark data you may have with similar hardware.

Hardware Specs:
CPU : Intel® Core™ i7-3930K Hexacore
RAM : 64 GB DDR3
Mother board : EX 10: Intel DX79TO
Hard disks : 4X3TB Seagate Constellation ES.2 ST33000650NS
Operating System :windows 2008 (possibly 2012)