Connecting antec 1200 fans when PSU doesn't have a molex cable

So i bought this new awesome computer, plug it up ... everything is perfect except for the case fans, wich i didnt even plug.

So i go to plug them and realise that my 1000 watt power supplie DOESN'T have a molex cable thats directly connected to the PSU, but theres 2 4 molex connector cables that end with the 4 pin CHA_FAN1 connector. So i plug all the molex conenctors in a row and plug the tiny 4 pin fan plug in the MoBo. Open the power switch. PSU hums... like really humss... close it immediatly. Then i do the same thing 3 or 4 times with different layouts all divided on the 4 molex conenctors to even thing out... either the PSU hums when i turn it on on just doesn't do anything... i was able once to plug it and the blue led's turned on ... but the fans didnt move except if i fiddled with the fan speed things in the back, and they barely moved when i did that.

SOOOO my question is: 'the hell am i doing wrong?
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    its a floppy connector, not a fan connector!!!!!!!!!!!
    hope it didnt kill your mobo!!!! DISCONNECT IT!!!!
  2. hum ... just disconnected it thanks.. Its fine i can still go into bios and all nothing changed.... you really scared me XD

    but what should i do about the fans?
  3. i dont know, but im glad i scared you because youll never do that again, right???

    once you have that disconneted, do the fans still nto work?
    and what psu are you using?
  4. Ok so this is my computer right now ( may add more stuff like cooling and stuff):

    - antec 1200 case
    - Rosewill BRONZE series RBR1000-m 1000w PSU
    -Asus DRW sata 24x
    - 2 ... yes 2 :D... Sapphire 100315L RADEON HD 6850 1gib 256-bit video cards
    - ASUS M4A89TD PRO AM3 Motherboard
    - AMD Phenom II x6 1090t BLack edition 3.2 GHz CPU
    - Western Digital Caviar Black 640 GB 7200 RPM sata 3.0 HDD

    Not bad right :D?

    And no they don't work because there just hanging in the back
  5. lol not bad. if you think thats bad ill gladly pay shipping for you to send it to just kidding.

    but youre saying your fans dont work at all? and does everything else about the computer work fine?
  6. Ok everything works, bios tells me that it detects memory it detects DRW and HDD... i see the bios so i'm guessing video card works because my MoBo doesn't have a Video thing included in it.... The fans are basicly the only thing stopping me from playing crysis on highest settings on a 24" acl samsung tv because my computer would just melt.

    The problem is basicly what do i plug them into .. because right now there not connected to anything. I was thinking of using an old PSU that has a molex connector on it... but i seriously don't want to do that and probably don't need to .. because i got a Fudging 1000 WATT PSU!!!
  7. well, why dont you just plug them into the psu, WITHOUT the 4pin wronlgy going to the mobo?
  8. Because the 2 modex cables are just cables that came with the power supply... there not connected directly to it. The only cable left thats not used that is plug directly in the PSU is a 4+4 EATX 12v ... i think XD not sure, but still is useless to connect modex in .. unless there a adapter that exists or something I DON'T KNOW... thats why i'm here asking for advise :)
  9. the case fans connect to the molex connectors on the psu though.
  10. There isn't any directly connected to PSU. Its just free cables that came in a little bag appart from the PSU. There were 2 pci-express cables and sata power cables that i used to connect my HDD and optical drive, and ( to use the terms my PSU guide ) " x2 peripheral 4 pin cables with 8 connectors and floppy connectors"
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    yeah, you have a modular psu. there should be extra plugs on the back of the psu inside your pc where the other wires come out where you plug these extra ones back in
  12. OMG I'M BLIND XD thank you sir for the answer to my extremely obvious but equaly confusing question. For finding it, do you want me to ship you a cookie instead of my awesome FULLY FUNCTIONAL computer :D?
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  14. sure...but already leaves me cookies in my

    if you like you can join my forum (in my signature) but thats not required lol. glad i was able to help you!
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