GTX 470 Bottleneck


im looking to buy the GTX 470 gpu..

im currently sitting on a P5 motherboard with 4gb ram and a E7200 cpu with standard clock (2x2,53)

using the computer pretty much only for gaming.. SC2 atm.

will my CPU bottleneck with the GTX470 ?

if it does, would it help to OC the cpu?

also.. is there a benchmark test for witch GTX 470 card is the best?
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  1. gonna order a Noctua NH-D14 with my Gtx 470 then to get some OC going ;)

    any thoughts about what manifacture is best for the gtx 470?
  2. I would have recommended EVGA if they werent using the same nvidia design for the cooler. i heard that the dual fan cooling from ASUS/Gigabyte runs it quite cooler and quieter. (i have an MSI GTX 470 and with reference nvidia cooler it runs hot and sounds like a JET)

    and there are many more Gtx 470s with dual fan cooling you can choose from.
  3. newegg is in the states right? do you know a place in the UK where you can get those gpu's? im from denmark and the only onces i can find in the country is stock cards with stock 1 fan coolers.. and if i order it from outside of europe im gonna pay like 35% in taxes ontop of the original price >.<
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