HD not recognized after attemt to format

I started formatting my HD from within Xp. Since nothing was happening for some time I canceled it. Now I cannot access the drive. It does not show in BIOS although the test diagnostic for the HD runs on it and finishes successfully. What to do, please? Thank you.
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  1. You have to think of a way to format it again. It's not good to cancel formatting. Try Hirens boot cd, there should be a tool for HDD recovery.
  2. You'd better not cancel a half running process. To format it, you can try this tool:
  3. Thank you, Guys,

    There was not a bar showing, so I thought - after 20 min. that I waited, it must have frozen or something. Nevertheless, it is fixed now. Trying to run the original Win XP CD - it was saying "No disk ..." Turned out, I had to disable the SATA controller in BIOS. Then XP cd recognized the drive and formatted it, etc.
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