Heard about mobo baking ?

I had an issue with my Nvidia GPU which obviously was due to the failed solder joints which were overheating and leading to no display issue. I had mentioned that in my previous thread.
I( came across some interesting videos and articles which lead me to the conclusion that it is a common problem with Nvidia GPU . I also came across a suggestion whereby removing the motherboard and heating it in a standard oven at 895 degree farenheit appeared to have resoldered the GPU joints and the laptop came back to life !
Anybody with some suggestions ? :ouch:
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  1. The 895 must be a typo. If you are going to try this, try the oven at about 450 F.

    If the computer doesn't work and it's out of warranty, you have nothing to lose. Besides, that's how conventional boards are made. You populate the boards, bake them in an oven, then wave solder them.

  2. Several users here have been pointed in the direction of baking their GPU cards and in most cases it has worked.
  3. You need a 400 to 450 F temperature because electronic tin-lead solders melt around 361 F to about 375 F. Lead free solders have a higher melting point.
  4. Yeah ! you are correct. But Nvidia chips have lead free solder joints I believe. That is why why they tend to crack easily. Is it the case ?
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