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i have a Seagate GoFlex 500gb portable HD, it can be seen in My Computer, but when i open it, it shows folders with random letters and numbers and a link to the said HD, when i open the link to access my HD i get a RunDLL notice saying "there was a problem starting ~$WUKZOOD.USBDrv the specified module could not be found", i looked into the properties of the link to my HD, and the target is (C:\Windows\system32\rundll32.exe ~$WUKZOOD.USBDrv,_fndot@16 desktop.ini " "), please help me. i dont know what ive done and i dont know what to do, i cant access my HD.

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  1. Do a vrus scan with malwarebytes and superantispyware.

    Sounds like a virus to me.
  2. thanks for the fast response, il do it now, gonna post later for results, thanks again!
  3. scanned everything, "there was a problem starting ~$WUKZOOD.USBDrv the specified module could not be found" still shows up, still cant access my HD, please help. :(
  4. If it's not too much trouble why don't you copy out all the files you need to keep and format the drive.
  5. If you cannot access the files right now, you can retrieve them back at the aid of a free hard drive recovery tool and back up them well:
    After that, you can directly format your drive to take a chance: right click it in "My Computer" and click "Format".
    Or you can try a format tool:
  6. Hi mia717 sorry for late reply but this answers is for others who are facing this problem and search it on google and land to this page. Its a Virus it hides your Data in a folder with no name yes NO NAME and makes a .Ink file which executes rundll32.exe to produce above error what i did is to
    • Open this hard disk in Linux system Delete .Ink file and Desktop.ini or you should delete all folders and files other than this BLANK NAMED FOLDER.
    • Rename the blank named folder to anything like "amar" without quotes.
    • Now Open again it in Windows. Now you won't see amar Folder where your data is, but its there so don't worry ;)
    • Now go to Address Bar and after your Hard Disk Drive name type amar e.g. F:/amar and press Enter.
    • And BOOM you got your Files Back :)

    Now Cut and Paste all your data where ever You want except the Invisible Folder :)
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