New AMD Phenom Overheating?

Hey guys,

I recently built a new system, I have an AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition

I have a Gigabyte ga-880gma-udh2

and G Skill F3-10666CL8D-4GBRM 2048MB x 2 CL8-8-8-24 1.5V DDR3 1333

My idle temp for cpu in smart mode is around 38-40oC and im pretty sure thats too high!
If i open google earth and span the world, it shoots upto around 50-55.
Its definately not case temp, thats about 26-28oC, and i have even taken the case off but does not affect the cpu temp.

Today i disabled smart mode so that fan is on 100% constantly and am happy it now idles @ 32oC.
A spin of the google globe puts it upto 44oC

My mobo has lots of overclocking settings and the cpu is quite overclockable ive heard, but im not really interested in doing that yet until i understand it properly, but anyhow, the mobo settings are on auto, should it be? Or do i have to manually input the cpu voltages.

Or maybe i just need a better stock fan and heatsink, although tho one i got with it looks like it can handle itself

Thanks for reading in advance
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  1. The temps are certainly a little high, though within normal range.

    I would recommend reseating the heatsink, and reapplying the thermal paste.

    how many case fans do you have? if possible, adding a couple more will make a huge difference.
    airflow is going to be the biggest issue here, so improving it will help your problem. but re-application of TIM is also going to help if airflow cannot be improved.
  2. 1) Did you build this yourself or did some1 else? if so chances are the Heatsink or thermal paste arent applied properly

    2) your case can affect it depending on its airflow yah the case wont be that hot but if your ambient temps are hot in the room and your case has poor airflow...

    the heatsink you have is pretty much the base stock heatsink its mediocre at best.

    id suggest getting a Hyper 212+ they are relatively cheap depending where you live 29.99$ CDN or US but if you live in Canada and are near a NCIX retailer they have a special right now for 19.99$ instore only!!!!!!!
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