2500k idle temperatures

Just bought the new i5-2500k with a p8p67-m mobo.
I bought from memex and they offer to put the cpu on the mobo for free to make sure things are ok and that it posts properly.
What concerns me is that now that I have everything set up, the core idle temps seem pretty high to me (38-42!)
I have the antec nine hundred case and I've always had really nice core temps before and from what Im' reading the core temps for the 2500k (even on stock heatsink) are pretty low

for example:

Has stock fan with idle temps of 26.
I haven't stressed it yet, but just doing the casual stuff on the comp the max temp have been 57!

Do you guys think it was just a bad thermal pasting job? Should I just redo it myself?
I have no idea what kind of thermal paste they used nor how thick they layed it on but I figured they were professionals and probably were better than me!

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  1. that's the thing, I have no idea what thermal paste they used

    that's why I'm inclined to re-do it with my friend's "high quality" paste...
    do you think that could be it?

    I just figured I'd ask the community before I take everything out again and repaste it lol
  2. Quote:
    I just think the heatsink isn't pushed down all the way and secured correctly.

    so what you guys are saying is that it's more likely the heatsink contact not being pushed down enough than bad thermal paste right?
  3. The stock fan comes with thermal paste on it from Intel. I'm sure that's not the problem, it just maybe came loose.
  4. Quote:
    the thermal past job is to suck the heatsink against the cpu. So the HS could be a bit loose not fit tight enough or the thermal paste is not doing its job

    So when everyone says "loose fit" and that I should push the heatsink down... do you mean literally just apply some pressure to the heatsink?
    If so, I've tried that and the min temperatures (according to CPUID) are 33-35 degrees celsius.

    Given these new chips come with thermal paste on them, is it bad if I take it off (with some alcohol swabs) and reapply with my own thermal paste?

    Thanks for any help you can provide!
  5. well after reading around, I opted to reapply thermal paste with my own Arctic Silver 5 TIM

    that didn't help out my idle temps (still running high 30's almost 40's)
    I'm using these as reference ranges for idle and load temperatures:

    I finally decided to see what horrible temps I get with cpu load... and lemme say NOT GOOD

    running prime 95, on stock settings (no overclocking) my core temps are all 80's

    any thoughts?
  6. Can a bad motherboard cause this?

    to note, I've run into 3 blue screens of death since I've put in the new mobo/cpu... so there is some hardware issue going on I think.... I haven't had blue screens since this new cpu, but it happens so randomly I'm not sure if that was the problem
    but given that the exchanged cpu still reads super hot I'm thinking it's the mobo?
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