Ssd or ssd/hdd combo

Hi Guys,

I am currently ordering parts for a self build system.
I have a question about storage options, and can't seem to find an answer to my specific question.

I don't have large amounts of data on my system, all the bulky stuff is stored on an external hard drive.

Should I just get an SSD that is big enough for my all my needs, or buy a smaller SSD just for the OS/main Programs and fit an internal HDD as well for less often used apps and storage.

May seem an odd question, but having been reading about SSD's it seems that they have a limited cycle of write/erase, so I'm wondering whether to limit the the usage of the ssd by having an hdd alongside or whether I am worrying about the ssd 'wearing out' unnecessarily.

Thanks for any input.

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  1. Don' worry about the 'wearing out'! With normal usage, it will happen in 15+ years.
  2. I would suggest 256GB SSD and you can still reuse HDD for storage
  3. So is there basically no benefit to an ssd/hdd combo if an ssd that is large enough for my use is affordable?
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