X-Fi XtremeGamer Making Static Since GPU Upgrade

Can anyone explain this strange scenario going on here?

On my office computer, which is a heavily modified Pavilion a6244n with an OEM ASUS P5LP-LE Leonite 2 motherboard w/Core 2 Duo E4500 Conroe 2.2Ghz, I recently added a GTX 460 SE just to ease the stress my HD 4550 has been taking from all the HD content editing I do. Also, on the side I have Black Ops installed on that computer which I do Nazi Zombies, and on-the-side gaming *wink wink* with some of my fellow co-workers.

Since that upgrade, my X-Fi XtremeGamer PCI small-form factor edition, has been making noticeable static sounds, not when I'm doing simple computing tasks, but when I'm gaming. Oddly enough, especially when I'm in the menu screens of video games, most noticeably the menu screens of Black Ops and Crysis. However, when I enter the game (like the actual shooting gameplay) the static tones down. It's still there, but not as noticeable/audible.

Can anyone explain the culprit? I heard on some forums something about X-Fi cards being PCI hogs that could be causing it , etc. etc. I didn't really look up too much about it.
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  1. Solution 1, won't even consider, sound was fine w/ Dual Channel DDR2. Solution 2) OEM Mobo, doubtful it's that 3) Not running SLi.

    So I'm assuming I have two choices:

    1.) Upgrade the motherboard, with a higher quality build

    2.) Switch over to a PCI-e x1 Sound Card (if I'm not mistaken PCI-e x1 has more bandwith which should alleviate the bus retry denials?)

    I'm assuming that solution 2 would be better.

    Regardless, thanks so much for finding that article Dadiggle! I take comfort knowing my problem is not isolated.
  2. You can also try:

    - Disable all that's "in" in the sound card application. Line-in, etc etc.

    - Try this driver
  3. I don't know how to do the first solution.

    As for the second solution, that requires uninstallation of everything that relates to my sound card (looked it up) all drivers, all files, everything. I'd have to look into that later if no other less-tedious solution can be found.

    Thanks for pointing out the driver anyways! :-)
  4. Use either the Daniel_K or PAX driver; Creative's are total pieces of junk.

    Either that, or go with a non X-fi solution.
  5. But I thought that the problem comes from the PCI Bus being denied so wouldn't that be a hardware problem and necessarily software?
  6. It's an OEM mobo P5LP LE Leonite 2 OEM motherboard w/ locked BIOS so I don't think that's an option.

    Do you think hoping over to the PCI-e x1 sound card band wagon instead would make it nice and tidy? Thinking about picking up an X-Fi Titanium PCI-e x1.
  7. Any benefits to getting BIOS updates/upgrades?
  8. TheTrueGamer said:
    But I thought that the problem comes from the PCI Bus being denied so wouldn't that be a hardware problem and necessarily software?

    Nope. Even the Creative Titanium, which uses the PCI-E bus, has this problem from time to time. Kinda rules out the PCI bus as a culprit. Likewise, a LOT of people claim the Daniel_K and PAX drivers help them with the issue.

    That being said, I simply recommend either ASUS and HT Omega, avoiding the X-fi chipset entirely.
  9. Okay, thanks for the help dadiggle I really appreciate it! :-)

    I'm going to try these highly-revered "Daniel" drivers first, and if that doesn't work I'll just get that BIOS upgrade from HP website. If that fails, well shucks I'll take the computer home with me, plop a new mobo in, and pray to god ITT div doesn't notice
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