Amd pc Upgrade with ATI eyefinity

I bought a pc (home assembled) about 4 months ago, it was meant for gaming at 1080p resolution (ONLY ONE MONITOR)...
it has a .. AMD 1055t x6 processor with Asus crosshair iv( have 4 way crossfire) motherboard with one ATI 5850 .... so that in future when my card in not enough to play games at high setting i could add another ATI 5850's.....and go on adding...

Now i was thinking of having 3 way ATI eyefinity ( three 24 inch monitors ) so my Questions are.....

1) will my processor (1055t x6) be enough to play at high setting (new game and future 3 years) at 3 monitors eyefinity setup (at resolution 5760x1080)..?
2) can 3 or 4 vga card on crossfire (5850) support ATI eyefinity in 3 monitors setup ?
3) Is it worth spending money on a 3 monitor eyefinity setup for the fun of gaming...?

please comment and give you ideas on this... Thanks!
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  1. 1 Yes at that resolution it is GPU intensive
    2 Crossfire scales well, trifire OK but quadfire badly!
    3 It is all in the eye of the beholder! Everyone has to answer that question for themselves!
    My first comment about this is ATI is releasing the HD6xxx cards right now, I can see adding one HD5850 for crossfire if the price is right but before the third card a upgrade is due because of progress in GPU´s. As an example HD6870 performs better than HD5850 and is in general cheaper!
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