My memory only lets me use 4g out of 8g

I have a msi mother board
with windows 7

it shows that my computer only uses 4 g but i have 8 is there a sulotion for this
My ram is corsair xms and there is 2 4 g of ram
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  1. Did you install your memory in the right slot on your motherboard? (yes it does matter in which slots you put your ram in)
  2. yes the book said to install them in the black slots of a,b and the blue slots are c,d and i installed them in the black ones
  3. what gfx card are you using? the only time ive seen memory installed but not usable is when its shared memory between gfx card and system resources, this is a unusual case for sure
  4. evga nvidia geforce 9500 gt

    I know it is one of the cheaper ones but it worked fine with my 6g int duo and used all 6 g
  5. does anyone have any other sujestions
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