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Eyefinity Adapters

Is display port necessary for a triple monitor eyefinity setup? Or can I just use the 2 native DVI and 1 HDMI and passively convert to DVI?

If display port is necessary, what is the cheapest possible active display port-to dvi adapter for eyefinity? I found one on amazon:
But it is "yet to be released" It is cheap and compatible, but is there anywhere else I can order it now at that price? Is there another similarly-priced adapter I could use? Where can I buy it?
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    a display port adapter is necessary for eyefinity. there are some cheap dp->vga adapters for low resolutions (usually below 1920x1080). there are a few new ones coming out for dp->dvi, but are yet to be released (i think thats the one you linked)
  2. Yes the connector isnt released yet so you will have to wait Toms ran a news article on i last week i think it was.

  3. These ones?

  4. ^The $30 AMD ones are the ones to look for.
    Older $100 Accell/Dells would work, but its $70 wasted.
  5. I found the yet-to-released Accell adapter IN STOCK on

    Ordered one this morning.
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