CORSAIR HX Series CMPSU-850HX or CORSAIR Professional Series AX850??

Hi all,

I am looking forward to build my very first hi-performance PC, this is going to be a SandyBridge i7 2600.
Not sure what PSU to go for, i want the psu to be 850W, but dont know if i should go for HX series or Professional series.


850W Professional series.

I kind of like the second one the professional series (though the prices seem high), they have quite a lot of sata connectors, and gold certified plus.
But the only negative replies i see is that the cable seems to be smaller.
ANyone using this one??
Please help choosing.
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  1. Both are good, but go with the second one,because for $20 more,you'll get a more silent PSU along with better efficiency.
  2. Both are great units, if you want one that is slightly quieter then go for the AX 850, but both are very good units and as a user their wont be a notable difference between the two.
  3. yes, as everyone else has said, they're both very good. the ax850 is like 1% better overall, but choose which one looks better at this point.
  4. Get this one:
    It's ugly but who cares, it's seasonic it's high quality and quiet.
  5. The only negative replies i read on newegg abt the Professional AX series is that the ATX12V cable is short to reach and connect to the motherboard.
    Not sure if this is true... would like to know from from people who are using it.. and if would it affect effective cable management in the desktop?
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    According to their jonnyguru reviews, the 24 pin main is the same length(600mm) on both of them, but the AX850 has a 10mm longer 4+4 pin connector, worse case they do sell extenders for both the 24 pin and the 8 pin connectors.
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  8. Cool.. thanks guys so much for your replies... you've guys helped me decide on the AX Professional series now.
    I am placing an order for that.
    Thanks again.
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